Hangzhou KleaneAire Solutions Co. Ltd has been in the business of design, manufacture and sale of centrifugal precleaners since 2006.

KleaneAire Precleaners are manufactured to international standards by a team of dynamic engineers with recognized credentials and has also been awarded ISO/TS 16949, ISO 9001:2000 & ISO 14001 for the Quality Management System in design & manufacturing of air precleaners.

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  1. Remove up to 90% of impurities, rain, debris, dust and dirt from intake air before the air reaches the filter element.
  2. Greatly extend filter element life by up to 2-8 times.
  3. Reduce engine wear & minimize costly downtime.
  4. Prolong engine & turbocharger life.
  5. Improve fuel economy.
  6. Improve engine performance & reduce operating cost.
  7. Self powered by the engine’s air intake.
  8. Virtually require no maintenance.
  9. Galvanized steel housing to endure harshest environment.
  10. Works in all weather conditions.
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H denotes a horizontal mounting series. It is used for in-hood installations when the space is tight. Products are tested by independent institutions in accordance to ISO 5011:2000.

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F denotes a flanged unit. It comes with a flange which is helpful in cases where the pre cleaner cannot be mounted directly on the aire cleaner (due to obstructions etc) or where the application faces extreme vibrations. You need to fix the flange on the bonnet and a hose will connect it to the aire cleaner thereby, taking care of both the problems. Products are tested by independent institutions in accordance to ISO 5011:2000.

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‘A’ denotes the agricultural series especially developed for agricultural applications. It has a finer mesh which prevents the agricultural dusts like leaves, twigs, branches etc from entering the pre-cleaner and damaging it. Good recommendation for harvester combine. Products are tested by independent institutions in accordance to ISO 5011:2000.

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Oil Bath Aire Cleaner Series


A kind of a mature pre cleaner being used widely. Suitable in many applications and works well in harsh and heavy dust environment. Especially in farm & mining equipment. Cost savings on filter elements. Servicing could be done anywhere and spares are not needed. Longer service intervals.

  • Contaminated air is drawn through the inlet in the center of the unit towards the oil pan below.
  • Heavier and larger dust particles are trapped in the oil pool at the base of the unit.
  • Lighter and smaller particles are further trapped by the filtration mesh which is wet with oil droplets as the air travels upwards through the mesh.
  • Only purified air enters the air cleaner or engine.
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Other Accessories
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Card image Rubber Adaptor
Card image Air Hose
Card image Forklift Adaptor

  1. Construction Equipment
  2. Mining Equipment
  3. Generators
  4. Road Maintenance Equipment
  5. Buses
  6. Air Compressors
  7. Equipment operating in extreme & dusty environment
  1. Agriculture, Farm Equipment
  2. Material Handling Equipment
  3. Dump Trucks
  4. Logging and Forestry Equipment
  5. Cement Plants
  6. Street Sweepers